We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions or FAQ's about Junk Removal and Dumpster Rental services in Greater Cleveland. Feel free to call us or submit a question to us online about what we do and how we do it.

  • What does Haul-My-Mess.com do?
  • We offer full-service junk removal and dumpster rental services throughout Greater Cleveland and Northeast Ohio. We haul away and get rid of items that you no longer need or want, like renovation materials, construction debris, trash, old furniture, appliances, or just plain old JUNK.
  • Why choose Haul-My-Mess.com?
  • We are an established and trusted choice for junk and trash removal services. Our company is unique in that we offer full and self service junk removal options.
    Choose full service junk removal if you want us to come out with our truck and load up your junk on your time schedule. We do all the labor, sorting, hauling, and disposal of almost any unwanted items or materials.
    If you want a DIY option for your trash and junk removal, our mini-dumpster rental service is your answer. We can drop off a lightweight container that you can fill-up on your own time. Simply schedule your pickup time upon delivery or call us when you are ready for us to pick it up.
    Our know-how and equipment makes large and small pickups much more efficient than our competitors. We can remove a single item or an entire estate. Most times in less than a day, we can dispatch our team and remove years worth of junk from homes, businesses, schools, or from anyone that has junk anywhere.
    We are also an A+ rated accredited member of the Better Business Bureau.
    We care about the environment, and we care about Cleveland.
    Our team will cut your stress by working carefully and efficiently to get rid of your junk on your terms.
    We offer free no obligation quotes along with senior and military (active and non-active duty) discounts.
  • What can you take away?
  • We are able to take away anything non-hazardous that two people can lift and load into our truck.
    We can do all of the lifting and loading, or you can rent our self service junk dumpsters.
  • What we do take:
  • Wood - Fencing, firewood, old lumber
    Construction materials - Debris, tile
    Yard Waste - Branches, tree and bush clippings
    Furniture - Couches/sofas, sofa beds, mattresses
    Appliances - Fridges, freezers, washers & dryers
    Garage, shed & attic junk - Boxes, books, old tools, tiresv Concrete - From broken pathways or flooring
    Soil & dirt from a new garden
    Roofing items - Tiles and corrugated iron
    Renovation refuse - Walls, windows, floorboards, drywall, plasterboard & frames, etc.
    If you are not sure if Haul-My-Mess.com can get rid of what you need gone
    then give us a call 216-799-9911 or 877-2We-Haul. ​
  • What we do not take:
  • Hazardous Material
    Chemicals, solvents, oils
    Oil drums (unless empty and top & bottom cut out)
    Oil tanks
    Junk cars
  • Are you licensed to do this work?
  • We are fully licensed by the Ohio Public Utilities Commision.
    Our work is fully insured and ALL of our employees are covered by the state of Ohio workers compensation bureau. We retain all the necessary permits and we can make them available upon request to our customers..
  • Why can't you give me an exact price before you arrive?
  • Pricing is based on volume and nature of the material. We can't give you an exact price until we are able to see your junk. We will book an appointment with you, and review the range of prices for you based on the amount of junk you tell us you have. Then the truck team will verify pricing on arrival.
  • When should I book an appointment?
  • Contact us as soon possible as time slots fill up quickly. We can usually make same day or next day pick-ups depending on how busy that we are.
  • Why are appointments booked in two-hour timeslots?
  • Truck Teams will call you 15 to 30 minutes before your appointment time and give firm arrival times. This allows them to deal with unforeseen circumstances, such as traffic or jobs that were larger than expected.
  • Can you do the job for me if I am not on site?
  • If we have access to your junk, we can complete your pickup even if you are not on site.
    We will voice verify that you agree to our terms over the phone.
    We will complete your pickup, and we can send you photos of the completed job, and take a credit card payment.
  • I really need this job done but it can only be after hours. Can you do that?
  • Contact us and we'll be happy to discuss your options. It is unsafe for our drivers to do jobs when it is dark. Special arrangements can be made if required.
  • What do you do with the junk?
  • It depends on what you have. Our first priority is to recycle or reuse as much as possible.
    We donate re-useable items and materials to local not for profit organizations such as habitat for humanity and the salvation army that can find a new home for some of your old junk. We also recycle as much wood, plastic, metal, and other materials as much as possible. Whatever is left over, we will take to a landfill or transfer station for safe and proper disposal.
  • How long has Haul-My-Mess.com been in business.
  • Since 2007 we have been hauling and removing unwanted stuff from residents and businesses throughout Greater Cleveland and the surrounding areas.
    We are a family run locally owned business. It is our pleasure to offer our individual service to your family and friends or business.