10 Yard Dumpster

10 Yard Dumpster

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Size: 11' x L, 8' x W, 3' x H

Days: Up to 7 Days ($15 Off 1-3 Day Rentals)

Rent Time Extension: $15 Per Additional Day

Ton(s): 1 Included

Extra Weight: $60 Per Additional Ton


Dumpster Rental Terms and Conditions:
Please read the terms and conditions below

Weight Allowances:
(The amount of weight included in the dumpster rental price)
10 Yard Dumpster 1 Ton
15 Yard Dumpster 1.5 Tons
20 Yard Dumpster 3 Tons
30 Yard Dumpster 3 Tons
Loads exceeding the included amount will be $60 per ton billed in 1/2 ton increments.

Extra Charges:

There are weight limits on your container that correspond with the size dumpster that you rent. A $60 (0.03 per lb) fee per ton will apply for an amount beyond the limit for your container for municipal solid waste (MSW).
If there are any weight overages or extra charges that result from your Dumpster Rental you will be automatically charged on the same card that you booked with unless requested in advance.

Our company does not own the landfill or transfer station where the dumpsters are emptied.
The landfill bills our company on a weekly basis. If you exceed your weight limit, you will be notified within 1 week (5 business days) of any applicable excess weight or contaminated charges.

Avoid Extra Charges:
We charge a minimum fee of $125 for unsuccessful container pick-up or drop-off attempts. Such as, anything blocking access to pick up or drop off location: Vehicles, construction equipment, low power lines or branches, construction zones, overloaded or overweight containers, locked gates or fences, inaccessible driveways or parking lots for any reason(s) out of our control. This fee covers drivers pay, fuel, and time for re-routing the drivers planned schedule which takes an immense amount of work.

We will be charged a $75 fee if you cancel or modify your order the day of delivery or after business hours the day before.

A fee of $15 per day will apply if you exceed the established rental period.
You are responsible for scheduling the dumpster pick-up.
You must Call 1-216-799-9911, or submit a written notice via text or email to [email protected] at least 24 hours prior to your requested pickup date.
Your container can arrive ANYTIME throughout the day on the delivery date unless otherwise arranged. For all arrival, removal or any other issues you must call 216-799-9911.

* Do not load with:
- Drums, paint, solvents, chemicals, batteries, items containing Freon or materials which could be considered flammable or explosive.
- Tree stumps, tree branches, brush, tires or yard waste unless set up as a specific Yard waste or other Special Waste container.

* Do not overload or place any material above the sides of the container. You will incur a $125.00 trip charge if box cannot be serviced because of overloaded conditions.
All containers must be loaded level to, or below the top of the container so that it can be covered with a tarp for legal transportation.

* Any fines due to container being overweight will be paid for by the customer.
D.O.T Regulations permit our vehicles to haul up to 7 tons, but must not to exceed 7 tons.

* Haul-My-Mess.com is not responsible for any damages to driveways, lawns, trees, or branches due to our equipment servicing your account. If delivery site is under construction or otherwise weathered, it is the customer’s responsibility to prepare the drop location to avoid damage to property and or the truck delivering the container. (Plywood, cones, flags, paint or tape off area etc.) Overhead obstructions, tight placement and dangerous or unleveled surfaces must be avoided for everyone’s safety.

* Do not force back door closed . . . complete loading only after the door has been closed and locked normally.

* Do not place any objects in front of or around the container in a way that may restrict truck access for hauling.

* Do not move container without permission from Haul-My-Mess.com. You will be held responsible for any damage to the container.

* Do not wait until container is full to call for service. Call a minimum of 24hrs in advance or establish a removal date. Your removal or switch out MUST to be scheduled into a route.

* Do not ask the driver to place container in an unsafe area or outside of an area that has already been established.

* If you need the container relocated after placement there will be a $75 relocation charge applied.

* Unless prior arrangements have been made, customer has use of the container to a standard period of three (3) days (nights) or seven (7) days (nights). If the container use needs to be extended, please notify our office 1 business day prior to the pickup day. A $15.00/day charge will be added if call in to extend beyond your requested 3 or 7 day rental period.
* Damage done to any and all containers or container components is the responsibility of the customer. Cost of repairing the container will be directly charged to the customer.

BINDING EFFECT: This Agreement is a legally binding contract on both the part of Haul-My-Mess.com and Customer and their respective heirs, successors, and assignees in accordance with the terms and conditions put forth herein. Customer shall make payment to Haul-My-Mess.com by credit card upon order confirmation. Haul-My-Mess.com may impose and Customer agrees to pay a late fee for all past due payments. A late fee may not exceed the maximum allowable by applicable state law. In the event Customer fails to perform its obligation to remit payment, and payment is collected through an attorney, collection agency or other proceedings, then Customer agrees to pay in addition to the amount due, reasonable attorney’s fees, court costs, interests and other applicable fees.

WASTE MATERIAL: The material to be collected and disposed of by Haul-My-Mess.com, pursuant to this Agreement, is residential Junk and waste generated by Customer and does not contain any hazardous materials or materials that require a hazardous or toxic license or permit to transport. Hazardous Materials shall mean any substance that is toxic, ignitable, reactive, corrosive, acidic, radioactive, volatile, highly flammable or explosive and that is regulated by any local, state or federal government. Hazardous materials include but are not restricted to asbestos, polychlorobiphenyls (“PCBs”) and petroleum.. Title to and liability for any waste excluded above shall resign with Customer and Customer expressly agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Haul-My-Mess.com from and against any and all damages, penalties, fines and legalities resulting from and arising out of such waste excluded above.

RECYCLABLE MATERIAL: The material to be collected and processed by Haul-My-Mess.com, pursuant to this Agreement, is junk generated by Customer excluding non-recyclable solid waste, putrescible waste, household garbage and hazardous materials as defined above. Haul-My-Mess.com, at its discretion, shall collect and dispose of any and all material generated by and intended to be recycled by Customer that Haul-My-Mess.com deems and/or suspects may be contaminated with non-recyclable material and/or solid waste. See attached list of materials accepted by Haul-My-Mess.com.

What We Can Take:
Household waste
and Furniture.
Construction Debris
Remodeling waste
Yard waste

Heavy and Dense Materials:
(Strict Limits Apply, Please contact us before booking a dumpster for these type of materials.)

What we Can NOT Take-
Customer agrees no hazardous (any material not in compliance with federal, state, or local laws) will be placed in the dumpster.
If the container is filled with an unacceptable material at the time of pick-up, Haul-My-Mess.com has the right to dump on site.
* Aerosol cans
* All liquids
* Antifreeze
* Asbestos
* Barrels
* Batteries
* Chemical products
* Contaminated oils (mixed with solvents, gasoline, etc.)
* Fluorescent tubes
* Hazardous waste
* Herbicides & pesticides
* Industrial waste
* Lubricating/hydraulic oil
* Medical waste
* Motor oil
* Oil filters
* Other flammable liquids
* Paint (except completely dried latex paint cans, no liquids)
* Petroleum-contaminated soil/lead paint chips
* Propane tanks
* Radioactive material
* Solvents
* Transmission oil


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