5 Essential Tips to Make Demolition A Successful Task

DIY (Do It Yourself) has been the coolest thing to do, since a very long time! And when it comes to DIY demolition, it is a lot more than just a cool thing to do, taking down a huge wall, using a jackhammer to break down chunks of concrete can be a huge stress buster and money saver at the same time. But, to complete demolition work on your own and getting the demolition trash dump picked up, a few steps are essential to help you throughout the process.

1. Close all the air duct!

Once you start tearing that wall down or jack hammering the concerte out and transferring the debris in the trash hauling dumpster, fine dust starts flying, that has the strength to block your central cooling/heating and spreading the dust in all the rooms too!

Plastic sheets and tape are the best solution to the issue, turn of those systems, cover the vents and you are good to go!

2. Take down the reinforcement.

Every concrete structure has reinforcement wires in it, when you go down on it with a jackhammer, attack the wires as soon as it gets exposed with bolt cutter or else the concrete will never reach to your garbage dump services.

● Take a dig at the concrete.

● Expose the reinforcement wires.

● Cut those with the bolt cutters.

● Show those chunks of concrete the way to the bulk trash pickup dumpster.

3. Cut studs to take down the plywood walls

The best way to take down a plywood wall is:

● Cut the studs that hold the wall together.

● Use a circular cutter to do that task.

● Start cutting the plywood wall in small chunks and leave the disposal to the rubbish removal services

4. Cover the concrete slabs

When using more manual type of tools, like a sledgehammer to take down concrete structures, use a plastic sheet to cover the slab before getting down to breaking the concrete.

This helps in following ways,

● Gives you protection from the pieces of concrete that will fly out and cause harm to you.

● Also protects the surroundings, like window panes, cars and others objects.

● Reduces the effort that will come with collecting all the debris and makes it easier for trash/junk removal services to haul away the junk!

5. Use proper blades

There are various blades available in market for all the specific purposes that you may encounter in the demolition process.

● Fine tooth blade for cutting through metal pipes and nails.

● Coarse blades are used for cutting wooden materials.

● Coarsest toothed blades are used for cutting through plasters.

● Toothless, carbide coated blades are used to cut through tiles and marble

Use of proper blades, ensure that the all debris is cleared with no particle inching around. You can reach Haulmymess.com for junk pick up or junk hauling service in nearby areas.

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