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A clean, trash-free driveway is always a very good start, be it the driveway of your house or the place where you work! But, junk removal becomes quite a task when your garbage dump service fails. You start searching for “trash pickups near me” or “cheap junk removal” in the yellow pages or pull out your phone to search for one!

Bulk trash pickup works for both residential as well as commercial areas and will haul away junk of any kind like, old furniture, yard waste, garbage, appliances etc. These rubbish removal services mostly offer three different services,

1. Full Service junk removalHere, the company comes to your door, at the time of your convenience and hauls away your garbage.

2. Self Service junk removalGot junk that you need to sort out before you get it removed? That is also an option with the garbage pickups.

3.Dumpster rental serviceAre you looking for a driveway friendly dumpster that will be cleared out on schedule for your apartment, office or a small business? With a trash hauling company, you can get your hands on that too!

Availing a trash removal service is much better than picking up your junk, taking it to a trash dump on your own. Junk hauling companies not only pick up your trash but also clean up after it. They will help you gain back a lot of space that you may have lost in your basements, garages, offices, attics etc. owing to junk that you are unable to get rid of.

A question like, “I have a lot of junk lying around but what kind do the trash hauling services pick up?” may come up in your mind. Then answer is simple! From junk in your attics and basements to appliances, shifting leftovers, debris etc. Also, bulk trash coming out while replacing old furniture, remodelling or even while clearing out clutter from your place is accepted. In short, the trash hauling services accept anything non-hazardous. is a junk pickup service that is slightly from the ones that would come up on your searches; it will not only haul away trash while being focused on decreasing landfill waste and if they find something that can be of use for the less-fortunate, they will donate it too. With Haul My there is no worry about the service that you will receive, a team of friendly, uniformed professionals will arrive at your doorstep and take care of all your Waste, Junk and Trash removal needs.

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